Bio-energy resonance or bio-resonance is the field of Energetic Medicine that detects and works with electromagnetic frequency information generated by the body. Bio refers to a living organism and resonance means ‘to vibrate in harmony with’.

Our body cells generate tiny electrical impulses that interact or communicate with neighbouring cells. Cells continuously emit and respond to these signals. These signals are in the form of oscillations or vibrations and the oscillation pattern had been found to differ between a healthy person and a sick person. Oscillations from a cell burdened with foreign substances such as bacteria, toxins etc also have a different structure to that of a healthy cell.

Bioresonance therapy is a form of electromagnetic therapy in alternative medicine. It was invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Raschebut. Initially they marketed it as “MORA-Therapie”, for MOrell and Rasche.

Sampling micro-magnetic oscillations

All cells in the body emit minute electrical signals and these signals are used as a means of communication between cells. If a cell is in a good health its signal will be harmonious and resonate in a free manner with other cells the body. If a pathogen (toxin, virus, parasites etc) attacks a cell then the signal coming from the cell becomes distorted. The signal profiles are measured via electrodes attached to the patient’s body.

Distorted signals coming from damaged cells consist of harmonious and non-harmonious oscillations. The so-called molecular-absorption-circuit within the bio-resonance machine filters out the distorted part of the signal.

Bio-resonance simulates the body self-healing, produces no side effects and represents the next stage in the evolution of health care.

There are now a few such bio- resonance machines available all over the world that can actually measure the bio- resonance of body organs, medicines of all kinds and also give therapy to patients in the form of bio- resonance.

The machine is able to detect minute changes in the various body organs and the results can be compared with ultrasonography as well as CT scan machines. So, this machine can be used for pre-screening of human body before we decide the exact location of pathology for further investigations in traditional way.

One such machine that we are using in our clinic; Healin’ Temple is from Ukraine, named as S Imago. It has five sensors to collect data from human body. One is optical sensor, two hand sensors; one vibratory sensor in head and one is audio /sound sensor from the ears. The machine is stable in receiving information and eliminating chances of mistakes. Accuracy is about 95 per cent.
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