When, in 1992, an illness prompted my discovery of flower essences, it was as though a beloved friend from childhood had at last resurfaced. As a child I had recognized flowers to be medicine for the soul, and it is this recognition that lies at the heart of flower essence therapy.

The culture of my childhood was not able to nourish the special kinship that I felt with the plant world, the delight I found with the flowers and the awakenings I experienced in their presence. Today our world is still dominated by a mechanistic view that does not recognize our intrinsic connection to all of nature. This 300 year old epistemology understands intelligence as residing only in humans. In this framework nature functions as a vast machine. Through objective study of the natural world, humans can gain dominion over all of creation.

This view is being challenged today as archaic and erroneous. However, it is so embedded in our linguistic and social structures that it exerts a powerful, often unconscious influence on what we value, consider normal, what we manifest, and how we understand ourselves. Within its parameters, a medical system focused on eradicating disease and human suffering at the expense of living systems appears to be common sense, indeed, to be our only
option. Like most of our institutions, our medical system reflects and perpetuates the old epistemology.

The Ecologically Sustainable Medicine (ESM) movement is bringing to light the dangers of our present health care system, and calling attention to healing modalities that are life-sustaining. Promoting awareness of the crisis we are in and the solutions that exist is an important part of restoring our collective health and well being. Also needed is a transformation of consciousness. Without a consciousness shift we can take in information and learn new ways, but we operate like addicts attempting to change through Herculean acts of will while dysfunctional patterns still hold us in their grip.

Because of the methods of production and application of the flower remedies, on a concrete level, flower essence therapy is a sustainable practice. As well, the contribution of this modality to ESM is more extensive. At its core, flower essence therapy is a relationship between humans and plants, a relationship that reflects our innate knowledge of the unity of all of creation. It arises from a field of far greater possibility than the dominant epistemology; in turn, it brings to life and sustains this transcendent field.

When I began incorporating flower essences into my psychotherapy practice, I realized that here was a bridge connecting inner nature with outer nature, mind with body, human healing with right relationship to the world around us. I will discuss what I have learned through a decade of personal and professional use of flower essences in terms of their multifaceted contribution to wellness, from concrete benefits to their essential evolutionary quality. This discussion will illuminate the ways that flower essences are a tool for transforming consciousness. Read More..