Experience the healing wonders of flower, gem and herb essences

The Source

For thousands of years Flower Essences have been used by different cultures in various countries such as Australia, ancient Egypt, India, Asia, Europe and South America to heal emotional imbalances and physical ailments subtly. Flower Essences are completely natural. They are perfectly safe, free from side effects and are self adjusting to the needs of the individual taking them.

At Healin Temple, we believe in healing the mind, body and emotions; in order to bring back harmonious energies in all spheres of life. We seek to touch lives and transform them through the power of nature.


Working Wonders

The two people, renowned doctors and healers, who have made healing with love their mission – Dr. Atul K. Shah and Dr. Rupa Shah –, are the driving force behind the Healin Temple. Dr. Atul K. Shah Armed with qualifications in Allopathy and Radiology, practising medicine for over 25 years.

Dr Atul Shah

Dr. Atul K. Shah has been conducting research on Flower remedies since more than 12 years. He also holds seminars on International Flower Remedies Essences in countries across the globe and is actively involved in every aspect of the healing at Healin Temple.

Dr. Rupa Shah Having trained in Allopathy and later Homeopathy, Dr. Rupa Shah has now turned her focus towards Flower Remedies. She is also an Aromatherapist and Reiki healer. She believes in inculcating meditation and visualization & EFT ( emotional Freedom Technique) into the healing process. She is constantly researches Flower Remedies backed with her knowledge in Allopathy. She is also advising vegan diet for health to her patients.

The Healin Temple is All About

Firstly it is about love and restoring peace and purity. This is followed by the practical aspects of Consultation, Diagnosis, Therapies, Products and Workshops.


At the Healin Temple, consultation takes a holistic form. It encompasses the mind, body and emotional levels of a person in order to heal them holistically. It comprises an interview with the Doctor who listens to the patient. As Doctors, at the Healin Temple, we first like to get to know our patient. We have a one-on-one, heart-to-heart conversation with them to know about their background, lifestyle, mental makeup and more. This gives us an insight to the individual and aligns itself with our approach of gentleness in treatment and genuinely “caring for you”.


Being friends of nature, we use the Acupuncture and Ayurvedic systems of diagnosis. These entail traditional as well as modern diagnostic tools. Diagnosis is carried out through two machines:

  • Pulse Analysis System: This is based on a pulse sensor method which enables meridian diagnosis and uses the Ayurvedic methodology of classifying the body into Kapha, Pita or Vaat.
  • Acugraph: This looks at the body’s acupressure points, the meridian points and functions of the organs.
  • Quantum Bio Electronic diagnosis
  • Sensitiv Imago Machine for diagnosis of whole body We also get hormonal analysis done if required to assess the hormonal status.


Flower essences work on the mind, body and spirit. They work on an emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns, held in the subconscious mind. They bring forth the positive qualities that reside deep inside every one of us. Various special Bio Energy Remedies are also used along with gels for local application.

Thus, therapies at the Healin Temple are as follows:

E.F.T.: Emotional Freedom Technique is also used for healing.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture without needles with special devices like Energy Massage Stick

Diet Advice for Weight loss, Reversing Diabetes and Reversing hypertension and heart diseases

Healing Tools and Workshops for Better Living

Our Products From devices to gels and kits, our product range encompasses most imbalances of the human mind and body. These are available at the shop at our Clinic; and have proven to be effective by users. Very popular are students kit, detox kit and stress kit. Cell phone device to reduce the harmful effect of radiation is also very useful.


Besides healing patients, we consciously seek to reach out to as many people as we can to spread the awareness and the power of Flower Essences. Therefore, we conduct various workshops to help empower the individual and introduce them to a new and more harmonious way of living.