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  • Student’s Kit

    $ 40.600

    Students are the future of today. And they realize that too. Thus, they fight competition and strive in every sphere of their life – academics as well as other activities. To help them cope better, the Healin Temple has designed a solution – the Student’s Kit. This Kit aids the students to build their memory so that they can do better at examinations, besides enhancing their confidence levels and concentration power. Here’s a strong support for the students!

    About the Product:

    What are Flower Essences?
    Healin Temple products are made from the pure spiritual healing energies from the Himalayan and other mountains ranges which are in the form of flower essences or remedies. These are not projected as medicines, and are better known as Aqua Florum.

    Indian flower remedies or essences are natural vibrational remedies, however, these are neither herbal extracts nor essential oils or perfumes.

    Moreover, these essences are made without plucking or destroying the flower in any way. Flower remedies are an ideal ameliorative for mental and emotional symptoms like anger, aggression, grief, shock, depression, various fears, panic, terror, hysteria, agony, dread, restlessness, lack of confidence, anxiety, negative thoughts, etc.

    Flower Remedies can be used along with other therapies. In fact they increase the efficacy of other therapies like Acupuncture, Acupressure, Homeopathy and Allopathy, among others, by clearing the patient’s mental blocks. Flower Remedies are completely natural and self-adjusting, have no known side effects and can be given to people of all ages. In a nutshell, flower remedies are comforting and soothing to the mind, the emotions and the body!

    What does the Student’s Kit contain:

    Memory Aid Remedy: This is specially created in order to help students, enhance their memory/ retention power. It tremendously helps in improving memory.
    Confidence Remedy: Confidence in the self is necessary for exploring the full potential lying within student. However, at times, students tend to lose their confidence. This formula helps in restoring confidence, especially at work, and during exams and interviews.
    Concentration & Fear Of Examination Remedy: Many students are afraid of exam and this affects their performance. They have poor concentration. This is a popular formula often used for imparting calmness of mind, concentration and confidence during exams and otherwise.

  • Weakness / Fatigue Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 4 WEAKNESS & FATIGUE REMEDY – For mental and physical exhaustion. Helps when one is working under great pressure and is burdened by life, is experiencing lack of vitality and of strength, which may lead to mental and physical breakdown. Helps one to emerge energetic, out of the feelings of tiredness and being burnt out. Also helps one realize the importance of rest for renewing one’s energy resources.

  • Travel Sickness Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 18 TRAVEL AID REMEDY – Travel is a time of excitement and change. Changes of food, water, air and place put our body and mind at different levels of stress. This formula helps in maintaining good health during traveling. Good for itinerant sales persons and executives.

  • Thumb Sucking Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO 50 (For Children) THUMB SUCKING / NAIL BITING / LIP CHEWING – Habits like thumb sucking, nail biting, etc. are usually signs of nervous stress and insecurity. This formula helps by boosting the child’s confidence and self-esteem.

  • Sunstroke Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 13 SUNSTROKE REMEDY – Exposure to strong sun for a duration unendurable to the human body causes sunstroke shock in the system due to too much sun energy. This formula is useful both as preventive and cure. However, proper medical care must not be neglected. Long-term effects of sunstroke are also mitigated.

  • Stress & Tension Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 2 STRESS /TENSION REMEDY – Very good for relieving day-to-day tensions and nervous stress. Relaxes tensed muscles, eases headaches and other aches and pains by calming and strengthening the nervous system. Helpful for strains experienced in living the fast city life. Excellent for combating all psychological and physical stresses.

  • Sleep Help (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 17 SLEEP REMEDY – We take sleep for granted when we get good sleep. But when it is less, disturbed or lost, life is indeed very difficult. This formula helps set up a natural sleep cycle again, so that the body learns to sleep properly. A welcome aid for insomniacs.

  • Shock Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    Any trauma, accident or emotional shock. May be used whenever any situation of emergency leads to terror, panic or fear of losing control. It brings mental calmness and emotional balance, restoring peace.

  • Sexual Harmony Help (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 47 SEXUAL HARMONY REMEDY – A lot of problems arise if there is no sexual harmony within us and in our relationship with others. Try this formula when you think you need it.

  • Rejection Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 36 REJECTION REMEDY – Rejection is one of the saddest emotional states. At some time or the other time, we all feel rejected and lost. This formula allows us to get to the depth of this emotional state, helps us understand it, and heals the wounds of separation. We become positive.

  • Obstinacy Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 49 (For Children) OBSTINACY – The formula is a useful aid in enabling your child to be more understanding and co-operative.

  • Negative Thoughts Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 6 NEGATIVE THOUGHTS REMEDY – They revolve chattering in the mind, not showing any signs of going. They sap one’s energy and one feels angry within, as no construction is taking place where. This formula helps in getting rid of negative thoughts and frees our mind to do creative thinking.

  • Menopause Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 22 MENOPAUSE REMEDY – Cessation of menstruation is a big change in a Woman’s life. After many years of getting used to menstruation and giving birth, it becomes a new existence, living life without menstruation. This formula helps women go through this major change in life smoothly. All problems related to menopause like hot flushes and mental depression are soothed.

  • Jetlag Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 16 JETLAG REMEDY – Helps people overcome jetlag and reduce the duration and intensity of jetlag. Day and night cycles get adjusted quickly and one can start functioning sooner without getting tired.

  • Jealousy Ease (15 ml)

    $ 18.900

    FORMULA NO. 42 JEALOUSY REMEDY – It is opposite to love. When one feels separate from others, such separation works on the mind and heart chakras. Jealousy is like a poison eating up our entire self. This formula opens the heart chakra with feelings of love for and unity with our fellow beings. Truly helps us to live our life in joy in the beautiful expanse of on re-universe.