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Brow Chakra Spray ( 25 ml )

Brow Chakra Spray ( 25 ml )

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Situated in the centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows. Has two petals. Also called as Ajna Chakra. It has the attributes of intuition, imagination, visualisation and concentration. The element associated with it is Light. When unbalanced one may experience headaches, poor eyesight and lack of concentration. It is also called as third eye. Its colour is Indigo. This chakra is related to the pituitary gland.

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What is an energy field or aura?

An aura is a life energy field. A sum-total of those energies and vibrations which surround and interpenetrates everything in the universe, including human beings. Each individual has his own personal life energy field as does every other things. This field is made up of the energies of the individual’s subtle bodies & chakras.

Psychics or clairvoyants who can see the aura can interpret details according to health and the past lives and the present of the individual. The aura or the life energy field is the energetic framework or the grid or the blue print upon which the physical world is built and sustained. It contains all the psychic information about the individual.

The human aura or the bio-photoshere around us sparkles with a variety of geometric patterns like stars in the night sky. These geometric shapes indicate the accumulated values or worths or tendencies or ‘skandhas’ life-times known in Sanskrit as “Poorva Punya Sukrutha”. Symmetrical shapes indicate a healthy nature. Asymmetrical forms reveal the imperfections. There is a vital need to correct these imperfect forms. This is what Aura Sprays or the Life energy field enhancers can do.

An intact, healthy , strong , expanded aura is a sign of good health. Spiritual persons have such pure energies in their aura, that they have cleansing, balancing, purifying & strengthening effect on their environment and the circum ambient life.

All our exchange of information with the outside world occurs through the aura. In this fast changing world , we are bombarded all the time with all kinds of electromagnetic & environmental pollution and our aura is under stress. To help it maintain its balance under this stress, one of the ways is to use aura sprays.

What is an aura spray & how is it prepared?

Aura sprays are a unique concept in the repertory of vibrational remedies. They are made with Indian Himalayan Flower Remedies, Gem Elixirs and essential oils, and energy remedies.

They are based on the concept of local application by spraying inside the aura. We can improve the vibrations of the field by spraying on the affected parts, which represent chakra point or on the accupressure or reflexology points as well.

The moment a spray is used, its vibrations spread around the entire aura very quickly and changes start occuring at the subtle level instantaneously. As time passes, anyone can see the effects of it on human beings, plants and animals and the environment in general.

How do we know that aura has changed?

The change in the aura can also be confirmed by Kirlian Photography, Bio-feed Back aura photography, pendulum Dowsing, Kinesiologists and clairvoyants. Over a period of years, we researched various vibrational remedies and have finally arrived at the following order to be adopted in which sprays are to be used in the ‘Aura Set’. This set consists of first five in the list of aura sprays.

How to use the sprays? Start from the base chakra onwards to crown chakra in the front & back of the body, and also spray a bit on the sides of face.

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