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Pet Formula – Jealousy Ease ( 15 ml)

Pet Formula – Jealousy Ease ( 15 ml)

$ 15.750

Recommended for an especially jealous pet. Lessens its insecurities and helps it become more tolerant and affectionate.

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While using flower remedies for human beings, we also started getting requests from many of our patients for treating their pets, who were suffering from diseases difficult to cure. We are trained as medical doctors in allopathy and had no previous experience of treating pets with flower remedies. However, as flower remedies are very safe to use and have no known side effects, and are free of any harmful chemicals, we decided to give it a try.

While treating human beings, we take a detailed history of the patient to know mental and emotional as well as physical symptoms. We did the same with pets. Those who are used to having pets in the house and are used to chatting about them to others recognize clearly the personality or character of their pet. What he likes, what he dislikes, what he does and what he doesn’t, how he reacts to strangers, whether he likes being petted or not, what food he loves to eat, what are his sleeping habits, bathing habits, urination & stools etc. Having already treated many cases, it becomes easier & faster to understand character. However to our surprise…we found that the personality of the pet in most cases was almost like the owner of the pet or the one to whom he or she was very attached or fond of…. As the saying goes, LIKE MASTER, LIKE DOG. And then our work was even easier…in most cases; we were watching simultaneously both the owner & the pet. In many cases, not only the behavior of the pets matched the owner’s but also at times their physical conditions also were similar. This was an interesting observation. Then treating with Indian Himalayan Flower Remedies became very easy and we were confident of getting results. This was also one more chance for us to answer the usual question about the placebo effect of flower remedies.

When we get results in treating pets, there is no question of counseling or placebo or positive suggestions working. It clearly proves that flower remedies are effective. The results in pets were in fact very quick, clear and long lasting and much shorter course of remedies was required than in humans, the reason being pets are otherwise like little children, less complicated in the ‘mind’ and emotions, rather more transparent than human beings. Therefore results were very easily seen in many ways. There are some of the interesting cases of pets treated by flower remedies given at the end.

Flowers like Tassel Flower, Ashoka flower, Chicory, Holly, Walnut, Impatients, Radish, Morning Glory & Lotus are used often to treat pets. Pets do go through shock, fears, abandonment, depression, loneliness, anger, fatigue, jealousy, grief etc. In fact, they are very loyal & sympathetic towards their owners and do absorb emotional patterns of their owner and partly suffer because of that. Together if treated i.e. the pet & owner then results are even excellent.

Apart from dogs, we have also treated birds, cats & horses. These remedies are good for many different physical illnesses as well as injuries.

Times are changing; there is growing awareness amongst all pet owners regarding abuse and side effects of chemical drugs. They do ask for alternative ways of cure. Flower remedies are very effective for pets. Already some Veterinary Doctors are using them as an additional help in their practice. Plus knowledge to share that there are remedies available to treat pets even at emotional level.

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