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Rose Quartz (15 ml)

Rose Quartz (15 ml)

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Heart strengthening aid.

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Gem Therapy has been practiced in India and other parts of the world since many years. In India, it is made famous by Dr Bhattacharya. He used primarily 9 gems – Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Moonstone, Diamond, Sapphire, Onyx and Cat’s Eye. Each gem associated with a particular colour of Rainbow and last two gems for Ultraviolet and Infrared colours. Without Sun , there can be no life on Earth. The healing energy of Sun is in the form of light which can be broken into Seven + Two colours. Everything including Human Body contains these colours. When there is illness, there is also imbalance in colour make-up of the body. By supplying body with the needed colour, harmony is restored.

Gem Elixers are energy medicines like flower essences. Specimen are obtained from earth, in natural state, cleansed and used for making elixirs – Gemstones stimulate healing within the body by principle of vibration and resonancy (harmony). They are often crystalline in nature. The ability of gemstone to heal is because of transfer of their stable specific vibration to specific structure within human body having similar vibration (which is needed in the moment of illness). AUM Gem Elixers are extension of the same science of Gem Therapy with addition of new elixirs obtained from earth.

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