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Sacral Chakra ( Oral ) (15 ml)

Sacral Chakra ( Oral ) (15 ml)

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Situated in the lower part of the abdomen, also called as Swathisthana. The element associated is Water, it has influence on the Reproductive system. It has 6 petals. It is connected to sense of taste. It has the attributes of creativity, sexual energy and desire, and pleasure. When unbalanced one may experience sexual problems, jealousy, possesiveness, uterine or bladder problem and lower back pain. Its colour is Orange.

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There are seven major chakras identified & agreed upon by most systems of subtle energy healing. Chakras is a Sanskrit word, which means a wheel. It is spinning all the time, and works as a transformer of energies from one plane to another. The chakras function on several levels simultaneously. It starts from having effect on the physical level..effect on the endocrine glands and organs associated with it, nervous system, then, on the etheric level, astral -emotional level, mental level and then higher spiritual levels. The chakras directly take in the cosmic energies and transforms it for use at all levels, so also transforming physical energies to use at the higher levels. In essence, chakras are like vortices, and the direction of spinning of chakra is very important. Negative thoughts, wrong diet and lifestyle, staying in a very negative environment can affect the direction of spinning resulting in problems at all levels. The energy flow of chakra can be affected by many other events like prenatal, at birth or childhood emotional injuries, shocks, extreme conditions of living, torture, illnesses, wrong medicines, relationship problems, electromagnetic and chemical pollution. There can be fracture, rent or dent in the chakra. All or some of these factors can limit our expression of total self and be the cause of major illnesses. Sprays for each of the chakras are very helpful in repairing and restoring them. Apply in the vicinity or over the area of the chakra. Chakra in essence serve to integerate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the human into a harmonious whole.

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