Research: Page 1

Page 1 : To validate the efficacy of Energy Rectifiers

1. Pendulum Dowsing:

You can test these devices by pendulum dowsing. You may contact any good dowser, who will be able to comment on the efficacy of the device for the purpose we have made. An expert dowser will be able to tell very precisely what is the accuracy level of the device.

2. Kirlian Photography:

This is a special camera that takes picture of the electron / energy discharge from the thumb of an individual. You should be able to find someone with this camera quite easily. Ask him to take a control picture before. Then use for example the water energizer, drink the water charged/energized with the water energizer; Take another picture 5 to 10 minutes later to see the effect of the energy water on the human energy field.

We expect it to be showing greater energy discharge from the thumb picture, tending to suggest harmonizing effect of the energy water in the human energy field. There might be sealing of the holes shown in the Kirlian picture. And more effect can be read by an expert in this photography, like change in colours etc.

1. Change in aura after drinking tap water, and also the change for better after water energised on the Amreet water energiser.

2. Also the pictures of aura taken in sequence, before and after drinking energised water with Amreet water energiser shows increase in energy field.

3. Kirlian pictures taken by holding the genetically engineered food over the solar plexus, then picture taken after energising food with the Ultimate Zee device. The aura is much better in the second picture.

4. Kirlian picutres taken using cell phone there is a control picture, then while using the cell phone, and then using the cell phone with the cell phone radiation rectifier on the phone.

5. Kirlian pictures taken before wearing Personal rejuvenator, and then picures taken every few minutes after wearing it. The aura shows remarkable improvement in aura.

6. Aura of a person before and after using pain device as in