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3. Aura Biofeedback Camera:

This was already tested & in fact did show tremendous change in the energy field.

4. Kinesiology - Muscle testing, testing with weighing scale:

Applied Kinesiologists, may be Cranio-Sacral Therapist also, can do the muscle testing and check out the effect. They are experts in this field and will definitely give you feed back very quickly.

Regarding the weighing scale experiment, it is also an extension of Kinesiology technique. With a weighing scale, you test your own muscle strength by pulling the spring. Then use any of the devices either hold in your pocket or drink the energy water, or whatever you may choose. Then test your muscle strength again. There should be increase in the muscle strength, suggesting the strengthening effect of the device.

5. Lacher Antennae:

There are many experts in Europe who are very good at using this device. They will also be able to give the report in great detail about these devices. A renowned person in this field, Mr. Dieter from Germany, has tested these devices.

6. Agricultural experiments done on sprouts:

This is a very simple procedure to test the efficacy of the many energy packs & rectifiers that we have.

For e.g. We did this experiment with the T. V. monitor shield.

A: We took a glass of water and put it on the T.V set for half an hour.
We used this water for growing sprouts from one tablespoon of seeds in a bowl called A

B: We did the same with ordinary water in a bowl called B.

C: We now put the TV. Monitor shield on the TV. Set and once again put a glass of water beside it for half an hour. Now this water was used to grow sprouts in a bowl called C.

A — growth was retarded, checked after 24 to 36 hours.
B — growth was normal.
C — growth was more than normal suggesting the efficacy of the TV. Monitor shield in reducing the harmful effect of electromagnetic waves.