Research: Page 3

7. Sensitive crystallization with copper chloride.

8. Microbiology - Test inhibition of growth of bacteria:

This can simply be done in any microbiological laboratory. They test many antibiotics for sensitivity of bacteria, fungi etc.

We can give them the sample of for example urine or water energized on the enhancers to test for normal water sample or non-energized urine sample of the same person. They will be able to give reports in few days. We expect that energized water will have an inhibitory effect on the harmful bacteria in general.

9. Acutech machines:

This is a computerized testing device from Japan. We have tested our gadgets on this too. It shows effect on meridians, by balancing energies flowing in it. Even Personal rejuvenator tube is also tested, is giving amazing results.

10. Mora machines:

These devices can be tested on these machines.

11. Vega test:

These gadgets can be tested on Vega machines.

12. ElectroSpectrum Field Hazard Detector... Geopatihic fields, Hazardous EMFs, Measure all types of radioactive contamination:

alpha & beta particles and gamma radiation, UK probes, microwave infra red, radio frequency, satellite bands etc.

This is another meter. we have already tested Environmental Stress Eliminator on it, which clearly showed reduction in Geopathic stress.