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13. Pulse test:

Some practitioners would like to check the quality of the Radial pulse measured in hand, may be Acupuncturist or Ayurvedic physician may like to test the improvement in pulse reading after the holding of the device or drinking energy water.

14. Taste:

Most persons can appreciate the change in taste that occurs after food, water or drink is energized.

15. Psychic reading, Reiki healers, Clairvoyants, Pranic healers:

This is according to your choice, you may select some to test all of gadgets. Most will feel the energy and the effect of the gadgets.

16. Harry Oldfield's Equipment

17. Eclosian machine

18. Listen Machine:

Similar to Eclosian machine.

19. Dynamometer is a device used by occupational therapist to measure hand strength.

20. The effects of the Environmental Stress Eliminator related to imaging stress.

21. Electrofield testing by frequency counter.

22. Nerve Express Machine can also notice the change in status of the Autonomous Nervous System.

23. Ultraviolet Spectrometry of Water: