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  • Curry Leaf Tree Flower Essence (15 ml)

    $ 15.750

    Flower Essence: It is a healing flower essence for ulcers and hyperacidity caused by an imbalanced diet, which may include a lot of meat and alcohol, and also by mental tension. This essence produces greater relaxation as well as a balanced awareness and concern about our diet and lifestyle.


  • Christ’s Thorn Flower Essence (15 ml)

    $ 15.750

    Flower Essence: A redemptive essence. For persons who are in a constant state of internal turmoil for no obvious reasons. Relieves state of negativity in the psyche and resolves conflicts of consciousness. Gives a ‘ fresh start’ so that one can move forward with optimism, peace and confidence.


  • Cannon Ball Flower Essence (15 ml)

    $ 15.750

    Flower Essence: For overcoming frigidity in women caused by deep fears in the mind concerning sexual expression (which builds up as negativity in the mind towards sex). Used in sexual therapy for women when strong desire to conceive is blocked by unexplainable frigidity.


  • Butterfly Lily Flower Essence (15 ml)

    $ 15.750

    Flower Essence: It is a redemptive essence for those who exercise great power over people in an evil or negative way, e.g. dictator or the boss of a large company. It brings true remorse for wrongdoing, and peace. It humanizes a person once more, so that one can clearly see what one has done, and would want to be forgiven and to make amends.


  • Bougainvillea Flower Essence (15 ml)

    $ 15.750

    Flower Essence: A wonderful meditation essence whenever we need to reaffirm our commitment to our spiritual destiny. When anxiety, fear or mediocrity swamps us, this essence rekindles enthusiasm, interest and emotional well being, promoting our appreciation of the mystic and sacred side of life.


  • Ashoka Flower Essence (15 ml)

    $ 15.750

    Flower Essence: A remedy for women and old people. For those who have gone through great trauma and suffering. For deep seated sorrow, sadness, grief and disharmony in one’s inner being due to events such as bereavement, failure, suffering, disease and isolation. On using this essence, a profound state of joy, harmony and well-being is produced. Helpful for women to be fertile.