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Students are the future of today. And they realize that too. Thus, they fight competition and strive in every sphere of their life – academics as well as their activities. To help them cope better, the Aum Company has designed a solution – the Student’s Kit. This Kit aids the students to build their memory so that they can do better at examinations, besides enhancing their confidence levels and concentration power. Here’s a strong support for the students!

Very soon examinations season will start for students all over India. They feel very stressed, short of time and have to remember much to pass the exams. Often even clever students feel loss of confidence and depression. Some are very hard working but cannot recollect all that one has read. Some are unable to actually understand the subjects. Some are having specific mental blocks for certain subjects like mathematics or languages. Some are good at theory but not at practicals. Some are not so vocal and fail at viva. Some have sleepless nights. Some feel pressure form their parents or teachers. The list is endless. In this time, studies should not over burden a child. But education system demands are very high.

In Indian flower remedies, we have 3 wonderful formula to support students. These have to be taken a few months ahead of the examinations. This will help them retain what is learnt well and reproduce during the examinations. These formula have been used for more than 3 decades. They are very effective and supportive to all students. There are no known side effects to these remedies. It does not cause dependency.

There are 3 bottles. From each bottle, take 4 drops 3 times a day. One bottle will last for approximately 21 days.

What does the Student’s Kit contain:
Memory Aid Remedy: This is specially created in order to help students enhance their memory retention power. It tremendously helps in
improving memory.
Confidence Remedy: Confidence in the self is necessary for exploring the full potential lying within us. However, at times, we tend to lose our
confidence. This formula helps in restoring confidence, especially at work, and during exams and interviews.
Concentration (Fear Of Examination)
This is a popular formula often used for imparting calmness of mind, concentration and confidence during exams.