Our Aim is to create awareness about natural healing powers of Flower Essences (Energies) and to train therapists in this system of healing.


Dr. Atul K. Shah & Dr. Rupa A. Shah, both are allopathic doctors, researching & developing Indian Flower Essences for last 18 years. They have experience of treating more than 20,000 patients with natural remedies. They are pioneers for the research in Indian Flower Essences. They have been invited as guest speakers at many international conferences and have given workshops in many countries across the globe.

Work Shop Plans

Course Type Duration
Introductory lectures – For general public 1 hr
Introductory lectures – For Therapists 1 hr
Introductory Flower Essence Small Workshop Half day (3 hr)
Introductory Flower Essence One-day Workshop Full Day (6 hr)
Advanced Flower Essence Weekend Workshop 1 Sat & Sun (12 hr)
Energy Massage Stick(EMS) Workshop 1 Half day (3 hr)
Advanced EMS Workshop 2 Half day(3hr)
Healing Tools Workshop 3 Hr
In house Training 1 week
Field Trips 1 day/3 days/7 days

Introductory lectures of 1 hour For general public

Introductory lectures of 1 hour For general public on various health topics like Obesity, Depression, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress & Tension related disorders, Arthritis and Backache, Children’s disorders, Women’s health problems, Immune system disorders, Addictions etc.

Introductory lectures of 1 hour For Therapists

Depending on the group of therapists, the topic can be chosen.
For example, For Aroma therapists / Massage Therapists– Flower Essences for Pain and Mind-body relaxation. For Veterinary doctors, how flower essences are used in veterinary practice?

Introductory Flower Essence Small workshop - Half day (3 hour)

History of flower essences How flower essences are prepared? How they are used in practice? Mind-body connection in detail. Case Histories of Flower Essence healing Frequently asked questions discussed. Live demonstration of some patients to show quick efficacy of flower essences.

Introductory Flower Essence One-day workshop - Full Day (6 Hrs)

History of Flower Essences including Bach Flower Essences. How Flower Essences are prepared? How they are stored/ dispensed/ mixed etc. many methods discussed. Macrocosm/ Microcosm theory, Doctrine of signatures, Tuning in to the energies of flowers, Devic connection, Mythological stories ,Festivals connection, etc. in detail. Mind-Body connection in detail. Subtle Anatomy, Role of Chakra in health. Many Case Histories in detail. Mental & Emotional causes of illness. Science of Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology. How Flower Essences can help in following conditions like – Immune system – Basic understanding in healing Children’s problems-Bedwetting, Fears,Hyperactive child, etc. Women’s problems like Osteoporosis, Menopause etc. Arthritis, Backache, Joint related problems. Digestive system, Irritable bowel syndrome, Hyperacidity etc. Skin Disorders like Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Boils. Demonstration of Comfort gel as local application.

Advanced Flower Essence Weekend Workshop 1 (Sat & Sun – 12 hrs)

Special Energy Remedies in greater detail. More than 100 remedies will be discussed. Many advanced cases discussed.. Energy healing, Role of different energies, Energetic cords, Energy fields, Health hazards of Environmental Stress will be elaborated in detail. BOTR(Body Organ Targeted Remedies) , DTR (Disease Targeted Remedies) and SR (Specific Remedies) group of remedies. A few examples are-Cleansing Group, Transgeneration Remedy, Vaccinosis Remedy

EMS (Energy Massage Stick) workshop 1 Half day - (3 hr)

General Use of EMS for Pain, Reflexology points and Marma Therapy points will be introduced. Some concepts of energy field, nadis, points, chakra will be mentioned in subtle anatomy. A few interesting cases will be discussed. Demonstration of EMS. Advanced Workshop EMS 2 – (3hr) Acupuncture Meridian remedies. How to use with Meridian Set of EMS. Neural Therapy (NT), Autonomous Nervous System (ANS), & DHEA versions of EMS will be introduced.

Healing Tools Workshop (3 Hr)

Various devices developed by Aum Essences will be taught to use for healing like. Chakra Healing device, Healing wands, Belly Button device etc.
In house Training for one week at the Center This can be considered for those who have learnt Flower Therapy in detail for long time. Attending clinic at the center, case taking, art of observation and hands- on experience are emphasized.

Field Trips

For tuning in to nature’s healing energies, we organize field trips of 1 day, 3 days and 7 days. Geopathic Stress, Environmental Stress, Electromagnetic Pollution etc. are discussed. How to experience nature’s healing powers directly? Introduction to Pendulum dowsing & developing intuition for medical diagnosis and healing.

Certificate of participation will be given for workshops.