Student’s Kit

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Students are the future of today. And they realize that too. Thus, they fight competition and strive in every sphere of their life – academics as well as other activities. To help them cope better, the Healin Temple has designed a solution – the Student’s Kit. This Kit aids the students to build their memory so that they can do better at examinations, besides enhancing their confidence levels and concentration power. Here’s a strong support for the students!

About the Product:

What are Flower Essences?
Healin Temple products are made from the pure spiritual healing energies from the Himalayan and other mountains ranges which are in the form of flower essences or remedies. These are not projected as medicines, and are better known as Aqua Florum.

Indian flower remedies or essences are natural vibrational remedies, however, these are neither herbal extracts nor essential oils or perfumes.

Moreover, these essences are made without plucking or destroying the flower in any way. Flower remedies are an ideal ameliorative for mental and emotional symptoms like anger, aggression, grief, shock, depression, various fears, panic, terror, hysteria, agony, dread, restlessness, lack of confidence, anxiety, negative thoughts, etc.

Flower Remedies can be used along with other therapies. In fact they increase the efficacy of other therapies like Acupuncture, Acupressure, Homeopathy and Allopathy, among others, by clearing the patient’s mental blocks. Flower Remedies are completely natural and self-adjusting, have no known side effects and can be given to people of all ages. In a nutshell, flower remedies are comforting and soothing to the mind, the emotions and the body!

What does the Student’s Kit contain:

Memory Aid Remedy: This is specially created in order to help students, enhance their memory/ retention power. It tremendously helps in improving memory.
Confidence Remedy: Confidence in the self is necessary for exploring the full potential lying within student. However, at times, students tend to lose their confidence. This formula helps in restoring confidence, especially at work, and during exams and interviews.
Concentration & Fear Of Examination Remedy: Many students are afraid of exam and this affects their performance. They have poor concentration. This is a popular formula often used for imparting calmness of mind, concentration and confidence during exams and otherwise.

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